Microsoft SPLA license pricing

SPLA pricing can, as a concept, involve both license costs per license and end customer pricing, which all are briefly described here.

License cost per license

The most common way to get SPLA pricing is contacting a local distributor, called a SPLA reseller (or SPLAr). Learn more about the microsoft SPLA reseller list

Getting access to price-list information without a signed SPLA Agreement is not possible and if you are new to SPLA and would like to learn more you can start here: Learn about how to become a SPLA reseller

License Mobility

For server products this is called License Mobility under which the end customer can assign license entitlements to be used in third party datacenters, like hosting or cloud deployments. License mobility is an exclusion from the SPLA program in relation to licensing.

SAL for SA (or SALSA)

For Access Licenses the end customer can obtain the right to utilize specific SKUs for selected SALs (Subscriber Access License) under the SPLA agreement.

This first requirement for this is that the end customer has active SA for the related Client Access License (CAL) on their traditional agreement.

The SAL for SA is about 10 % of the regular SAL, so this can be an attractive option for some – please check the current price-list for comparing prices.

SAL for SA is an addition to standard SPLA licensing.