Optimize & automate
SPLA reporting

Does a SPLA audit sound like a nightmare to you?
SPLA Manager can help

The power of SPLA Manager

Confidence in SPLA Manager after 1 month

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SPLA Manager creates compliant and cost-optimized SPLA reports

Get a detailed overview of your costumers SPLA usage, so you Never Have To Guess Again.

“SPLA Manager is a necessity for any service provider using the SPLA program.”

sam ovens

Founder Consulting.com

“Would have saved us from the 85.000€ bill we got from Microsoft.”

Dan Henry

Founder of GetClients.com and Closedeals.com

How It Works

Calculate With Perfection

Calculate the true cost for each license/product.

Collect Inventory data

Automaticly collect all needed  inventory data from across your entire infrastucture.

  • Generate compliant monthly SPLA reports with only one click

  • Improve and reduce licensing cost

We prevent Service providers from over/underreporting

This is where Service Providers gain enormus  value from SPLA Manager. SPLA Manager gives the information needed to charge costumers correctly, so Service providers can stay compliant, when being auditet by Microsoft every 36 months.

SPLA Manager has revolutionized SPLA reporting. We went from using complex spreadsheets and a horrible audit to using only 15 minutes a month, and actually having control over our SPLA usage.

Dennis Hansen


Don't share critical data.

  • SPLA Manager is a on-premise solution. When using SPLA Manager, you keep all your customer's data on your own it-environment   That is why we can claim that we are GDPR compliant.

  • Dont worry about sharing data, our agent only uses outbound connection.

Profitable decisions on autopilot

SPLA price list and SPUR are integrated, meaning that SPLA Manager chooses the cheapest option to bill a license whenever it is possible.

Stop stressing about a failed audit

We are so confident that you will never have to worry that we

For Any Reason

days full refund gurantee

Because at SPLA Manager, we sell valuable results

which earned us clients like

Bulletproof audit information

Inside SPLA Manager you see precisely what and how many licenses your customers use, so you don't have to guess what to charge them. It provides back-in-time snapshots from any period you need.

SPLA reporting is your responsibility as a service provider. Own it.

On the auditing day, when the auditor sees that you have a specialized tool in place, it makes the whole process much more painless. This is because our tool reduces audit time from months to weeks in most cases.