In this video you will learn

Why SPLA Manager can save you 60-80% of your time spend on SPLA reporting
How SPLA Manager can reduce audit time DRASTICALLY. In most cases from months to just a few weeks.
How SPLA Manager delivers  bulletproof audit information and prevent Service providers from over and undercharging end customers.
How SPLA Manager’s AI can optimize your reporting to be as cost effective as possible.

Why is SPLA Manager better than other systems on the market?


Try our competitors and run our reporting head-to-head with them. In contrast to our competitors, we have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee because we know our services deliver outstanding results.


We are 100% positive you will see not only get more accurate reporting but also better customer support and a more intuitive interface.


Why not just use a normal SAM tool?

SPLA Manager is optimized to handle the monthly changes and calculate the optimal SPLA licenses according to the SPUR.

Can I have more than one active SPLA agreement with Microsoft?

Yes, SPLA Manager supports multiple SPLA agreements with different start/end dates that allow different SPLA licenses.

Is SPLA Manager safe to use?

Yes. SPLA Manager is safe to use. SPLA Manager is installed in your IT environment, so you “own” all data. SPLA inventory data from your end customers are delivered via an Agent that only can communicate “one” way, so you only need to open for “outbound” communication.  The Agent can communicate on the port you decide, e.g., https.

Can SPLA Manager track SAL licenses?

Yes. It can be tracked in different ways depending on how the end Customer IT setup is:Automated: Eg. a local security group on an RDS can be auto-mapped to an SPLA License, and if the Server has, e.g., Project installed. Manual mapping of the security group to an
SPLA SAL License.

Can SPLA Manager report the end customers' license usage?  

Yes. It is possible to report all licenses an end customer uses, both shared licenses (OS on VMs covered on an Enterprise license) and dedicated licenses.

Can SPLA Manager integrate with your CRM system?

Yes, SPLA Manager has an easy-to-use integration to third-party systems on different levels, e.g., Monthly SPLA license report data to Microsoft and detailed SPLA usage (Device names/ Usernames depending on license type)

What kind of hypervisor do you support?

VMware (vCenter and ESXi hosts) and Microsoft Hyper-V

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Not only can you cancel, but we also have a 90-day full refund guarantee. Why?

#1: We don't believe in charging you if we don't help you move forward.

#2: We are extremely convinced you will love SPLA Manager and not be able to live without it once you realize how necessary it is to your business.